Our Lessons are delivered in an interactive classrooms by videos, group discussions and PDF documents.

Super IQ Tutorial solutions offers four subjects ( biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics) for BGCSE.

At Super IQ Tutorials you are firmly in control As lessons take place right inside your house, you cut down on travelling time and expenses. We are hugely proud of our school and what it offers to our young people .

Welcome to Super IQ Tutorial Solutions

A sophisticated learning platform offering real time online classrooms
Real-time lessons and a trusted and tried a science and mathematics
The teacher post the topic for discussions where students get a chance to elaborate on it sharing their ideas and solutions. The teacher occasionally chips in to clear misconceptions.

The teacher follows up by posting a video in the subjects offered section to explain the concepts. Students also have an option to seek clarification by posting comments whilst watching the video.

A sophisticated cloud based learning platform with fully interactive classrooms
During the lesson, pupils communicate with the teacher and each other through a wide variety of medium. Video, voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, presentations, screen sharing and co-web browsing are just a few options. Individual pupils can be asked to work through specific examples, share their work or lead the class. By giving every pupil the opportunity to directly and privately message the teacher it means that no question is ever left unspoken or unanswered.