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Whether you are studying for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE), Advanced Levels or A-Levels, we offer you a chance to study subjects of your choice. From Mathematics to Physics, Chemistry to Biology, we offer you a wide array of options to choose from. Our tailor-made programs take care of all your study needs, be it time zone issue or any specific requirement. Join us and acquire in-depth subject knowledge at your own pace. Plus, interact with like-minded peers and expert tutors on our online platform or LMS.

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An independent online tutorial college, Super IQ Solutions assists students in optimising their knowledge potential. In our modern yet traditional learning environment, students achieve excellent results with confidence. Flexible and convenient, our modern technology aided lessons make learning a fun-filled experience.

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Super IQ Tutorial Solutions makes you proceed further in owing a degree, if you are a scholar in the UK.

As the education system of the UK goes, completing Secondary Education is a mandate for a student in this country. To have GCSE recognition determines whether a pupil is going to step into the field of Further Education. Once an understudy is done with their Primary Education (age limit 5-11), he or she is eligible for his or her Secondary Education.

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The motive of Super IQ Tutorial Solutions is nothing but optimizing the potential of each and every student. If a student wants to continue his or her study along with their other activities and programs, Super IQ Tutorial Solutions is there to provide complete assistance and guidance. This is an independent online tutorial college that seems more like a traditional school and also can provide flexibility and convenience utilizing modern technology.

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