Subjects Offered

We provide concise, exam oriented e-learning videos and past papers with fully worked out solutions for General Certificate of Secondary Education, (GCSE) biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics

Our teaching videos and notes are complete and cover the examinable syllabi extensively. They serve as your textbook, revision manual and exam question bank all rolled in one. The materials are concise, exam oriented and have been used by past/present students successfully









What puts Super IQ Solutions above the rest is that we cover our modules through the Botswana examinations past exam papers. We have divided our papers into two categories. The first category is of topic questions and the other category is of full examination papers

We also deliver lessons to help you with you daily homework's. When you ask a question from your homework, we do not just give you the answer, we give you a full lesson on the concept that addresses your question.

These are the main subjects we cater to the students to choose from when they go for GCSE/IGCSE/A-levels; but one should be aware that if they slim their choice by omitting a subject, it may affect their A-level options. Our guidance ranges up to 25 subjects – starting from Languages (both modern and ancient), Humanities, Humanities and Social Science to Design and Technology, Business and Enterprise or Arts.

Similarly, the IGCSE is categorized on an 8-point scale from A* to G with a 9th grade "U" suggesting "Ungraded". This extent of grading is also seen in the UK GCSE. We offer courses that are 4-6 hours long and we provide contacts of online tutors for every individual per academic subjects on weekly basis. There is a probability of arranging supplementary modules outside the fixed regular courses.

The main feature of us lies in the flexibility. Yes, we are quite flexible in terms of timing of the courses. A student is authorized to undergo any of the courses we provide as per their convenience. Not only that, we have kept in mind about few factors like specific requirements, time zones and subject to tutor availability.

Advanced level or A-Level subjects range from academic disciplines to Product Designing and Textiles. Different Universities offer different subjects to the students to fetch an A-level degree. If a student aims to go for a particular subject under his or her desired university, they must prepare themselves following a definite subject combination. We offer guidance for various subjects and provide consultation about the subject combinations keeping these factors in mind.

Once you log in to our LMS, you will surely have a clear idea and guidance to achieve your educational aim to secure a bright future.